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Friday, 4 October 2019

Volunteer - For a Better Life!


Volunteer work, when the motive is genuine, can have amazing
physical benefits.
• Stress reduction: When helping others, your body releases an
important hormone called oxytocin, which assists in buffering out
stressful thoughts.

Better moods: Even just thoughts of giving have a positive
effect on certain chemicals of the brain, such as dopamine and
serotonin, both of which have been linked to depression and other
mood disorders.

• Self-confidence: when you are passionate about something and
helping others in need, your self-esteem will build, and confidence
levels grow.

• Better health: Helping others has shown to help with chronic
pain and cardiovascular health.

Aside from these health benefits, volunteering can connect you
to others, create meaningful and sincere relationships, and bring
great fulfillment to your life.


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