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Monday, 23 July 2018

That Comfort You Need For Others


Among the parables that Chinese teachers use is the story of a woman who lost an only son. She was grief-stricken out of all reason. She made her sorrow a wailing wall. Finally she went to a wise old philosopher. He said to her, "I will give you back your son if you will bring me some mustard seed. However, the seed must come from a home where there has never been any sorrow." 

Eagerly she started her search, and went from house to house. In every case she learned that a loved one had been lost. "How selfish I have been in my grief," she said, "sorrow is common to all."

We must not forget that one of the best things about troubles is that, through them, as we receive comfort from God in trying times, we can learn to be comforters of others. In fact, it is not unusual that our reaching out to help and comfort others is the very path God chooses to comfort us in especially dark times, as the following stories attest:

There was an orphan girl, who was about to be married. She was attractive, and one of the most capable girls in the institution. One day, sores began to appear on her hands, and by and by it was determined that she had leprosy.

She was removed from the orphanage and sent to the leper asylum. She was dressed in beautiful white garments as she walked into that awful place, accompanied by her brother. The women there were looked sad and hopeless. When the girl saw them, she buried her head on her brother’s shoulder and wept, “My God, am I going to become as they are?” She was so distressed that those around her were afraid she might harm herself.

Those who were in charge of the leper asylum sympathized with her and asked her if she wouldn’t like to help those poor women. A ray of hope came to her and she began to see the possibilities that lay ahead. She started a school and taught the women to sing, read, and write. She could play the organ, so one was bought for her. Gradually a change took place. The houses were made clean, neat and tidy, the women washed their clothes and combed their hair, and that once horrible place was transformed.

After being there for some time, she said, “When I came to the asylum I doubted the love of God. Now I know that God had a work for me to do and if I had not become a leper, I never would have discovered that work. Everyday I live, I thank Him for how He sent me here and for teaching me to care for others.”

Forget yourself. Console the sadness near you. Your own shall then depart, and songs of joy like heavenly birds shall cheer you and dwell within your heart.

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