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Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Waterleaf: See The Benefits


Waterleaf is one of my favorite veggies. It is a perennial plant that can form dense colonies in shallow water or moist soils and can grow to 3 feet in height. It is one of the species of the herbaceous plants. They contain lots of water, and for some of you asking if you can drink the juice, Oh yes! You can actually squeeze the juice for drinking. Very healthy!

Waterleaves are generally good and beneficial to human health. The uses are versatile. In the southern part of Nigeria, waterleaf is used in making special soup known as Edikang Ikong and Afang. I combine it with bitter leaf to make my own version of native soup (Lol).
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 Waterleaves are an excellent vegetable that is 100% healthy to the body even when consumed together with the stem which helps to reduce constipation and aid in proper digestion of food.
They are also a good source of vitamins such as C which helps to repair the body tissues.
Waterleaf contains vitamins that plays an important role in the process of vision. Vitamin A helps retinol to capture light and objects that pass through the retina into brain neurons. Then the brain visualizes it as an accurate picture.

 It is a good source of food for weight loss diet due to its high content of fibre. It contains calcium which helps in maintaining strong bones and teeth.

So, here you have it friends: Enjoy!


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