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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Joy Joy Joy! The Secret

Lately, I have been very very busy with work and sundry issues, been off blogging for about three weeks or so and it seems like for ever..Lol. I missed you guys too and I promise to be more active as before. Thank you for the messages and mails of encouragements.
It’s easy to see why we need happy experiences and times of joy, peace, and contentment to encourage us through this life. But it can be a dilemma when we try to understand the need for suffering, sickness, loneliness, or grief.

 It’s the contrast between the positive things and the negative ones that gives us a true perspective. Light is appreciated and valued because we’ve experienced darkness. Hope is truly valued after we’ve experienced despair. Our blessings bring us the greatest joy because we’ve experienced life without them at times. We value health because we’ve experienced sickness, and we understand the value of being loved because we know what it’s like to feel loneliness.
I don’t think there is anyone who enjoys the suffering, the difficulties, the sickness, the pain and hardships of life, yet Paul tells us in the Bible that he is determined to glory in his infirmities that the power of God may rest upon him.1 It’s when we can look to Him in whatever life brings that His power can rest on us and give us the strength we need to walk through it, the faith we need to trust Him, and His understanding to gain all the good that He has promised to bring.
 Oswald Chambers said ''God is not concerned about our plans; He doesn’t ask, “Do you want to go through the loss of a loved one, this difficulty or this defeat?” No, He allows these things for His own purpose. The things we are going through are either making us sweeter, better, and nobler men and women, or they are making us more critical and fault-finding and more insistent on our own way. The things that happen either make us evil or they make us more saintly, depending entirely on our relationship with God and its level of intimacy''


fedalis carol said...

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are in my shoes or have any related sickness

timothy f Davidson said...

Yup, it’s true -- if you give a child enough time outs, he’ll just stop being autistic. And if I speak French to you loudly enough, you’ll become fluent!lol
Yes, it can be hard. And pity really helps me to get through the day and feel better about myself and my child. So…thanks so much!
Hm. Good question. By the way, he is a saviour dr buba been finalized yet And I’m so sorry to hear that you are ill but he is your heaven sent contact for your herbal cure today whatever it is HIV AID HERPES CANCER FIBRIOD KIDNEY INFECTIONS what ever it is you are sick from the product is real with a 100% gaurantee his

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