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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Watch your face! It can say a lot about your health too


Your face can actually tell a lot about your health and diet intakes.
Signs like pimples and lip cracks are notable signs that we neglect. We need to eat right to replenish lost vitamins and minerals that the body needs for optimum development.
 Here are some proven facts about what the face says about your health, and remedies:

PALE SKIN MEANS -iron deficiency
Red meat contains haem iron which is the type found in the human body and also found in all forms of red meat, especially lean beef. So try eating some lean meat BUT not too much. A bite once a week is idle. Another source of Iron is Plantain, the half ripe or unripe plantain is very good.

Yellow patch means -high cholesterol
It’s important to talk to your doctor and have your cholesterol checked if you haven’t already as if it is high you may need medication such as statins (cholesterol lowering drugs) and lifestyle advice.

Thread veins means -drinking too much alcohol
Red wine contains tannins that can promote flushing so switching to white wine might help or better still stop it already.

Deep wrinkles or sagging means -smoking
Stop smoking. How about some damage control?
‘Vitamin C helps the re-formation of collagen

Chin acne or pimples means -PCOS
Polycistic Ovarian Syndrome is often under-diagnosed and one of the common symptoms is lower facial acne. 
Hormonal acne such as this is caused because women with PCOS tend to have high levels of testosterone which promotes oil production and pimple formation. 
Other symptoms include having more weight. 
Talk to your doctor if you have any of the symptoms as he/she can do an ultrasound to spot ovarian abnormalities and also a blood test to check your hormone levels. 
Progesterone only contraceptive pills also help in PCOS. 

Cracks at the coners of the mouth means -vitamin B deficiency
Dark green leafy vegetables are rich sources of B vitamins especially peas and spinach so vegans should ensure they eat enough of these and may need to take a supplement of B-Complex if it is severe.

Dark rings on the neck means -type 2 diabetes
There’s no specific treatment for acanthosis nigricans but the underlying condition should be treated – for example obesity or insulin resistance should be treated with exercise and medications.

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