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Monday, 13 June 2016

Reflections: You Need Rest And Relaxation


Life is busy and it seems each year it just gets busier. Work, family, school, and other commitments just eat the day away and leave us with no time to sit back and relax. However, rest and relaxation is very important. In fact, getting enough rest is imperative to living a healthy lifestyle and when we do not relax and get enough sleep, we are putting ourselves at risk for illness as well as other side effects. The body needs enough rest each night to function properly. The amount of rest each individual needs every night differs, but the average adult needs approximately 7-8 hours of sleep each night to restore their body with the energy it needs to handle all of the demands of living each day.

However, most individuals cut back on their sleep to pack more activities into their day. Unfortunately, this runs the body down, allowing more viruses and diseases to attack the body because the immune system is not functioning as well as it should. Then, the individual gets sick and misses days or even weeks of all of those important activities. When we get enough rest, our body runs as it should and our immune system is stronger and able to fight off infections more easily.
When we don’t get enough rest we have difficulty concentrating, thinking clearly, and even remembering things. We might not notice this at first or blame it on our busy schedule, but the more sleep and rest we miss, the more pronounced the symptoms become. In addition, a lack of rest and relaxation can really work a number on our mood. It is a scientific fact that when individuals miss good nightly rest, their personality is affected and they are generally more grumpy, less patient, and snap easier. Missing out on rest to fit in all those activities might make us a bear to be around, which is not much fun at all.
So the next time you think it is a good idea to stay up late to complete a task or hang out with friends, think again. Of course, one night is not going to hurt, but night after night of not getting enough rest really will.


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