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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Wow!You Need To Have These 10 Items In Your First Aid Box At Home


Everyday health complaints are common, from athlete's foot, dandruff, lip conditions, dry skin and headache, But with a little at-home remedies, you can sort yourself out before seeing the doctor. Note also that, Your mediciene cabinets should always be clean and you should try and restock it once every three months. Toss out old supplies and anything that's damaged (damaged container, unreadable or missing labels, broken or discolored pills) and check the expiration dates.
 Here are some stuff you need to have in your first aid box:

Adhesive bandages and Tapes:
Adhesive bandages come in a variety of shapes and colors, from clear to camouflage, an­d there should be a stash in your medicine chest. BUT...
if you have a deep cut or you can't stop that bleeding? Please see a doctor.

 Nail clippers:
Nails should be cut straight across to prevent ingrown nails, rounded slightly at the tips and have smooth nail edges to prevent snagging and tearing. Be sure not to cut nails below the nail bed or pull on hangnails, which should be clipped, not chewed -- either can open the door to bacterial or fungal infections, And don't dig out an ingrown toenail -- go to a dermatologist for treatment.

having a bottle of antiseptics around comes in handy for other uses, too -- it'll clean your bathroom fixtures, tweezers and thermometers, remove hairspray from the bathroom mirror e.t.c.

Muscle cream:
A muscle cream, balm, self-heating wrap or heating pad on hand to soothe sore or ease lower-back pain is a must. In a recent study, anti-inflammatory skin cream reduced soreness by 45% in 48 hours.

Keeping tweezers in your at-home treatment kit allows you to remove foreign objects from your skin.

Sterile gauze:
S­terile gauze and medical tape are for injuries that require something bigger than an adhesive bandage. 

Fungal cream:
If you find yourself with athlete's foot, don't let it spread to jock itch.
Treatments can be time-consuming and often need to be continued after the symptoms have disappeared -- and chances of re-infection are high. Fungi overgrowth can cause infections in skin These should all be treated by your doctor. However, you can usually treat athlete's foot at home with nonprescription fungal creams.

Measuring spoon:
 Some medicines come packaged with a measuring cup, but since that's not standard practice, a calibrated measuring spoon (or calibrated measuring cup) makes it easy to administer the correct dose of medicine for adults and for kids every time.

Everyone should keep a thermometer on hand. Thermometers help check for fevers.

Simple Analgesic:
And I mean just the acetaminophen (paracetamol)..note also that, if that headache refuses to subside after taking a simple paracetamol, please see your doctor, he might need to check your blood pressure or carry out other investigations, because, there may be other precipitating factors to 'that simple headache'.

So, keep smiling and stay healthy.

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