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Friday, 10 April 2015

Road Safety:FRSC Applaudes Stakeholders


Achieving safer road environment is a possibility and the commitment shown by the relevant stakeholders in the pursuit of safer road campaigns in the country is a necessity. The Corps Marshal and Chief Executive of the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), Boboye Oyeyemi, has commended road safety stakeholders.
 Oyeyemi gave the commendation in Abuja on Thursday during a technical session organised for stakeholders to take a closer look at the strategies for the implementation of the speed limiters policy in Nigeria.

 He said:

“The decision to introduce speed limiters in the country was fallout of the high incidence of speed-induced crashes, and jointly taken by all the stakeholders who have been active in the campaign over the years. I am glad to note that so far, we are on course, and would remain focused to the campaign,” he said.
“I thank all the road safety stakeholders, especially those in road transport unions for the concerted efforts they have been making to ensure that their members align fully to the speed limiters policy as demonstrated by their insistence that their members’ vehicles must be fitted with the device before the set deadline,” Oyeyemi stated.
“I am convinced that through such efforts, it would be possible for us to carry out enforcement on commercial operators and other drivers without friction; as self enforcement remains the most veritable means of achieving orderliness in the implementation of the policy.”
Stakeholders who participated in the technical session include those from various road transport unions, Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON), National Automotive Council (NAC) and the academia.
Nigeria’s roads are said to be the most dangerous in the continent. According to the World Health Organisation, crashes account for 33.7 deaths per 100 000 population annually.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

All these one na story!..... police is far better than FRSC PRwise. Can u imagine that a f#####g FRS officer would stand in the middle of a highway flagging a vehicle to pullover, nt even stop, pullover! as if na jazz!!. A police officer can never do that! Instead he would stop u, greet u n ask u to pullover if necessary. Bt an FRS officer would never do dt! CNB, there's this incident that happened some years bk that made me swore never to stop at any FRSC checkpoint or even pullover! I'm a very cautious driver n take good care of any car I drive n make sure It's road worthy at any point in time. That fateful morning I discovered my brake light wasn't working, n I was in my village, I checked d bulbs n all were ok so I guessed it was an electrical fault, so I called my electrician n he asked me to bring it over. I set out on d 1hr journey, n during this journey, I made sure I was driving safe signaling with my hand wen necessary bcos I knw I didn't hv a brake light. Less than 2km to my destination I met a FRSC checkpoint, I ws asked to pullover, which I did. The officer started his routine check n discovered dt my brake light wasn't working. I tried explaining to him dt I was actually going to my electrician to fix it, Bt he turned deaf ears to me. I even called my electrician to come over n explain to him Bt this officer didn't even listen to him. I was booked at d end of the day n was fined 3k + all d stress. I felt so bad dt day bcos there were also a lot of commercial buses without visible back lights nt to talk of having a brake light, Bt these officers dnt even stop them. So, CNB tell me y I shld ever stop at any FRSC checkpoint? I hope their ogas at d top would read this n create a forum to train their staff. Their PR is very poor! Bt until then, I would never ever stop at any FRSC checkpoint!

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