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Thursday, 9 April 2015

NHIS Must Partner With PSN - Akintayo

The Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria (PSN) has called on the incoming government to come up with specific plans to improve the health sector in the country.
In a statement signed by its president, Mr Olumide Akintayo, he urged the incoming government to incorporate a Community-Based Social Health Insurance Programme (CBSHIP) in the universal health coverage.
“A need for universal coverage is acceptable, but the condition precedent is to harness and consolidate the philosophy of a managed care concept that is statute entrenched.
“To achieve quality assurance in our version of social health insurance, it is important to encapsulate a consolidated healthcare funding which requires first line deduction of at least 5 per cent for healthcare delivery to help in funding the subsidy gap.”

 Akintayo also said the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) must partner the PSN and its appendages to champion a credible drug supply scheme by facilitating the involvement of major manufacturers and importers in the NHIS.
“We recommend that the NHIS governing council must re-establish linkages with the highest level of government to nurture the required political will to ensure success for the scheme. We also call for massive advocacy to sell the new scheme to the health consuming public and to ensure a proper understanding of the workings of health insurance by the Nigerian public,” he said.
The PSN boss also urged the government to come up with reforms that will usher in a petrochemical industry which is the precursor of genuine industrial revolution across board.
According to him, if Nigeria comes up with benzene plants, then the inertia for primary manufacturing is established in contrast to the stuttering fortunes which we have continually witnessed in our country.
“At a time when we place emphasis on diverse sources of Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) because a mono-based economy comes with too much limitations and complications, government must exploit the vast expertise available in the pharmaceutical sector by making Nigeria a destination of choice for drug manufacturing in the foreseeable future.”

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