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Sunday, 19 April 2015

I Know My Limitations And Boundaries As The Wife Of The President - Aisha Buhari

Hajia Aishatu Buhari is the wife of Nigeria’s president-elect, in this recent interview with Tribune, she said that she will never cross her boundaries as the wife of the president.
See excerpt of the interview::
Judging by all the bashes that the current first lady gets from different quarters, are you in anyway scared of taking this position?

No, I am not scared because I know my limitations and boundaries. Once you attempt to go beyond where you should be, you can receive all sorts of things.

Who are those you would say inspired you as a woman?
Every woman that can stand up for herself and on her own, indomitable women and courageous women, those are my role models.

What are your plans for the office of the first lady when your husband assumes office?
First of all, as you said that the current first lady is receiving bashes from all corners of the country. The former first lady, late Mariam Babangida, may her soul rest in peace, introduced the office of the first lady, but I am beginning to think that she died with the glory of the office. I think I will prefer to be called the wife of the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria than the first lady of Nigeria
You urged  people not to stone anybody, why are you taking the path of peace?
Since democracy has come to stay, we are  supposed to practise it like we practise our religions. Our children copy from us so, we should never preach violence. We have to play politics with morality, integrity and with capacity, not violence.

When you start performing as the first lady, what are those things you will have in place as your give back to the people?
Like they normally ask me some questions about pet projects, because some past first ladies normally had theirs, for me, maybe I may have, but I don’t have one now because there are a lot of problems in the country and there are lots of women with good ideas. If I decided to come up with one programme, that will divert everybody’s attention and I think the rest of the programme may not come up or may not survive. If there are genuine projects from different people, I will help champion the programmes rather than me having only one pet programme.

Mrs. Aisha Buhari was born on the 17th of February 1971. She comes from Adamawa state from the family of the first minister of defense , Hon. Mohammadu Ribadu. She married on the 2nd of December, 1989. Mrs. Buhari is a thorough professional and an alumnus of the famous Ahmadu Bello university where she earned a Bachelors in public administration. Her quest for further education took her into the field of Physiotherapy and beauty therapy.


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