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Thursday, 30 April 2015

CNB Fruity/Veg:Vital Nutrients,Less Drug supplements


A well balanced diet contains limited amounts of fat and sugar but, concentrates more on whole grains, legumes and fish.
Does your diet contain all of the following recommended nutrients? 

Beta-carotene. Found in orange, yellow and leafy green vegetables, this antioxidant, like others, helps the body to fight cancer by attacking destructive free radicals. Beta-carotene might also protect against cardiovascular disease and memory loss.  

Vitamin A. Liver, whole eggs and whole milk, as well as carrots and sweet potatoes are examples of foods rich in vitamin A. Other foods, including breakfast cereals, are fortified with the vitamin, which seems to fight cancer and heart disease. Taking supplements is rarely necessary and usually not recommended because of the vitamin's potential to reach toxic levels and cause fatigue and problems with the skin, hair, liver and spleen. 

Vitamin C. This antioxidant, found in citrus fruits, berries, peppers, tomatoes and potatoes, is being studied not only for its cancer-fighting potential, but also for its possible memory-enhancing effect. But the vitamin can have a down side at high levels, causing some people to experience chronic diarrhea and kidney stones. 

Vitamin E. Vegetable oils, nuts and green, leafy vegetables contain this antioxidant vitamin, which is being studied for its potential to reduce the risk of heart attacks as well boost immunity and protect against several types of cancer. Recent studies suggest that a vitamin E-rich diet can help protect some people against Alzheimer's disease.

Eat more fruits and vegetables, drug supplements may not be necessary if you eat well balanced diets.

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