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Thursday, 30 April 2015

CNB Fruity/Veg:Vital Nutrients,Less Drug supplements


A well balanced diet contains limited amounts of fat and sugar but, concentrates more on whole grains, legumes and fish.
Does your diet contain all of the following recommended nutrients? 

Beta-carotene. Found in orange, yellow and leafy green vegetables, this antioxidant, like others, helps the body to fight cancer by attacking destructive free radicals. Beta-carotene might also protect against cardiovascular disease and memory loss.  

Cholera Outbreak In Ebonyi:4 Dead,Several Others Hospitalised

Four people have been reportedly dead as Cholera outbreak hit Ebonyi State. Many others are in various hospitals in town undergoing treatment, while rural dwellers are patronising herbal homes for cure.

Environmental Pollution:Lagos Govt. Close Down 24 Religious Buildings


Lagos State Government have closed down 24 religious buildings for making too much noise and disturbing the environmental peace of the community.

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

So, Nigeria Has Only Two ISO Accredited Laboratories


Nigeria has only two ISO 17025 accredited laboratories, So says The President, Institute of Public Analysts of Nigeria, Dr. Dahiru Adamu, has said that shortage of ISO 17025 accredited laboratories is frustrating the growth of the country’s health and manufacturing sectors.

Kenyan Dancer Arrested With Cocaine At MMIA

The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), had arrested a 42-year-old Kenyan female dancer with cocaine weighing 5.345kg at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport (MMIA) Lagos.

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Police IG Flags Off Primary Health Care Workshop


The Inspector-General of Police,Ag. IGP Solomon E. Arase, has flagged off of a five- day capacity building Workshop organised by The Nigeria Police Medical Services (NPMS),  at the International Peace Keeping Training Centre, Force Headquarters, Abuja.

Safety:Enjoy These Funny Health And Safety Pictures..

Here are some funny but serious health and safety pictures-Remember it's World Day of Safety and Health at work..

Today Is World Day For Safety And Health At Work


Occupational safety and health (OSH) is a cross-disciplinary area concerned with protecting the safety, health and welfare of people engaged in work or employment. World Day for Safety and Health at Work takes place on every April 28. The day was declared by the International Labour Organization (ILO) to promote the prevention of occupational accidents and diseases globally...CNB is also marking this day in style because, It is one of the main focus of this blog: Health, Safety and Environmental issues.

Monday, 27 April 2015

Are You Sad?These Natural Mood-Boosters Will Make You Smile


Bad days come and go, We all have 'bad days' when nothing works out right – your car won't start, it starts raining and you have no umbrella, heavy traffic, annoying friends and colleagues, screaming boss...(smh) but it's easy to turn a bad day around with these proven ways to boost your mood and make you feel better instantly.

Giving to others just might make you feel better. A study I read said that, When people spent as little as $5 on someone else, they experienced increased feelings of satisfaction. So give and smile..Lol

 Listen To Music
People who listened to music of any kind were instantly happier, calmer and more relaxed. If you're also stressed, music can bust a bad mood.

Ondo State Bans Locally Made Gin

The production of locally made gin otherwise known as “Ogogoro” is now prohibited in Ondo state, The Commissioner for Health, Dr. Dayo Adeyanju, said this at the weekend, while addressing journalists, in Akure.

Desist From Eating Ponmo - Akwa Ibom State Govt.


The Akwa Ibom State Commissioner for Agriculture and Natural Resources, Mr. Godwin Afangideh, said at a press conference yesterday in Uyo, that the cow skin, often referred to as Ikpa Ebola or Ponmo had been the common cause of cancer and liver problems in the state.

The commissioner, who was represented at the briefing by the Director of Veterinary Services in the state, Dr. Obot Obot, said that the people who patronised cow skin were both exposed to cancer and liver problems as well as hypertension, as a result of the high quantity of salt used for its preservation.

Sunday, 26 April 2015

CNB Reflections:Who You Are Makes A Difference


A teacher in New York decided to honor each of her seniors in high school by telling them the difference they each made. She called each student to the front of the class, one at a time. First she told them how the student made a difference to her and the class. Then she presented each of them with a blue ribbon imprinted with gold letters which read, "Who I Am Makes a Difference."

Afterwards the teacher decided to do a class project to see what kind of impact recognition would have on a community. She gave each of the students three more ribbons and instructed them to go out and spread this acknowledgment ceremony. Then they were to follow up on the results, see who honored whom and report back to the class in about a week.

Friday, 24 April 2015

3.2m Nigerians Living With HIV - SFH


Mr Bright Ekweremadu, the Managing Director of The Society for Family Health, said that more than 3.2 million Nigerians are still living with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). Ekweremadu said this on Thursday in Abuja at a forum to mark the end of Enhancing Nigeria’s Response (ENR) to HIV and AIDS programme.

Maternal And Child Health:World Bank Approves US$500 Million

US$500 million was approved by The World Bank's Group Executive Directors, so as to help improve maternal, child and nutrition health services for women and children. This new development financing will help Nigeria to achieve its “Saving One Million Lives (SOML) Initiative,” which was launched by the Federal Ministry of Health in October 2012 to save the lives of the more than 900,000 women and children who die every year in Nigeria from largely preventable causes.

9 Months Gone,No New Case Of Polio In Nigeria

According to the Weekly Polio Update released yesterday, ahead of the World Immunisation Week, April 24 to 30, by the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI), no new wild poliovirus type 1 (WPV1) cases were reported in the past week.
The report reads: “Nigeria’s total WPV1 case count for 2014 remains six. No cases have been reported in 2015. The most recent case had onset of paralysis on July 24 in Sumaila Local Government Area (LGA), Kano State.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Photo:This Man Swallowed Nails,Batteries,Magnets Because He Was Depressed

Rajpal Singh, 34, swallowed 140 coins, 150 nails, bolts, batteries and magnets for a period of 3 years! all because he was depressed.(like seriously? that's suicidal attempt).
He came to the hospital complaining of stomach ache, only for the doctors to discover that, he had swallowed loads of stuff during an endoscopy examination.
Mr Singh claims he didn’t realise his stomach pain was due to his habit of eating metal objects. He said the bizarre habit began after he fell into a depression, and eating metal objects brought him comfort. He said: “I used to gulp down coins and metals with fruit juice or milk.

Waste Management Is Capital Intensive - WAMASON

Yesterday was International Mother Earth Day, as set aside every 22nd of April by the UN, The team for this year was ''It's our turn to lead'' So, Hosting a waste management summit on this day was the right thing to do. The Waste Management Society of Nigeria (WAMASON) on Wednesday called on the Federal and State governments to create an enabling environment for private sector to invest on wastes.

Photo:This Goldfish Had Brain Surgery To Give Him Another 20 Years Of Life

Meet George – he’s a very special goldfish. He’s special because he’s just undergone surgery to remove a tumour from his brain. George, who is otherwise a normal goldfish (but by no means ordinary), was said to be ‘really suffering’ (and was unable to swim or eat properly due to a large tumour hanging off his face.

Fruity&Veg Gist:Mango(Mangoro,Mongoro)


Mango (Mangifera Indica) is one of the delicious seasonal fruits grown in Nigeria and of course, all over the world. Botanically, this exotic fruit belongs within the family of Anacardiaceae. It is also called the king of fruits, making it the number one most eaten fruit in the world! wow! There is also another specie of mango, called 'Bush Mango'(Irvingia Gabonensis) which fruit produce the 'Ogbono' seed that is used for cooking that our wonderful Ogbono soup.(now I'm hungry...Lol).
Here are some Health benefits of this great fruit that I love:
1.  Clears the Skin:
Can be used both internally and externally for the skin. Mangoes clear clogged pores and eliminate pimples.

 2.  Eye Health:
One cup of sliced mangoes supplies 25 percent of the needed daily value of vitamin A, which promotes good eyesight and prevents night blindness and dry eyes.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Functional Foods:You Need To Know These Stuff


Functional food is any food that has a positive effect on a person's health. Food is either an antioxidant, detoxifying, blocking or suppressing agents. We will start with the antioxidant agents.

Normal functioning of cells depends on the proper balance of pro-oxidant and antioxidants, the former promotes the release of oxygen to provide energy for cells while the latter, helps to neutralise and counteract free radicals. Free radicals could promote lipid per-oxidation of the membrane lipids. Note that natural antioxidants are easily absorbable in the human system. We have talked so much about antioxidants foods on CNB(you can read our previous CNB Fruity/Veg posts).

Let us look at Some Functional Foods with Antioxidant agents.
Tea and Coffee: A cup of tea supplies around 200mg of flavonoids, the antioxidant potency in a cup of tea is 400% greater than a cup of orange juice.
Studies have shown that colon cancer appears to show negative association with tea consumption. polyphenols can stop the damage that free radicals do to cells, it will also neutralize enzymes that are essential for tumour growth, then deactivate cancer promoters. 

Protect Apes Against Ebola Too - Scientists Warns

Research on potential Ebola vaccines should seek to protect great apes as well as humans to prevent the disease from decimating gorilla and chimpanzee populations, say experts.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

There Is A New Strain Of Dog Flu


A new strain of flu that likely came from Asia has sickened thousands of dogs in the Midwest, experts say.
The new dog flu virus , which has not been seen before in U.S. dogs, has infected more than 1,000 dogs and is responsible for six dog deaths in Illinois, Wisconsin, Ohio and Indiana, according to experts from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Cornell University
who have been collecting and testing samples of the virus.
"The dog population here has never seen this strain before," said Dr. Keith Poulsen, a professor of veterinary medicine at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Cholera Kills 30 In Delta

At least 30 people have been killed in the latest cholera outbreak in Isoko South community of Nigeria’s oil-rich Delta State, a health official said Monday.
Steven Ofili, chief epidemiologist at the Delta State health ministry, said prompt response and physical attention of health workers had curbed the spread of the disease.

See These Common Indoor Air Pollutants:Avoid Them


What you breathe should be as important as where you sleep. Your lungs are one of those "critical" organs and should be treated with care. And if the air pollutants can find anything to harm in the lungs, they can move right into the bloodstream and have access to every organ. Like we say on CNB, always maintain a healthy and safe environment. It is the key to a disease-free life.

Here are some common indoor air Pollutants to avoid::
Household products like Formaldehyde, paints and cleaners:  Watch out for benzene, methylene chloride and perchloroethylene. dispose when no longer needed. Buy limited quantities and always heed warning labels.

#OndoX:Suspected Cause-Local Gin

The Minister of State for Health, Mr. Fidelis Nwankwo has debunked the rumors of unidentified disease outbreak which is attributed to 19 deaths since 15th April 2015, out of 24 reported cases. He further provided insights on the causes of illness and sudden deaths in two communities of Irele, Local Government Area (LGA) in Ondo State of Nigeria.

Monday, 20 April 2015

NDLEA Launches Online Counseling For Drug Users


Drug abusers in  Nigeria who need help can now go online after the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), unveiled  online anti-drug abuse/trafficking counseling services.
Chairman/Chief Executive of the NDLEA Ahmadu Giade, has said that online anti-drug abuse/trafficking counselling services are now available to interested members of the public

Make Education And Health Free In The New Constitution - Catholic Group

CARITAS Nigeria and Justice Development and Peace Commission (JDPC), the relief and development agencies of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Nigeria have called on the Federal Government to make education and health human rights and free in the new constitution.

#OndoX:Possible Cause-Herbicide Poisoning

The World Health Organisation (WHO) said that, Herbicide poisoning was the likely cause of the mysterious deaths of at least 18 people in Ondo State last week.
The "current hypothesis is cause of the event is herbicides," WHO spokesman Gregory Hartl said in a Tweet.
"Tests done so far are negative for viral and bacterial infection."

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Nigerian Herbal Drug That Can Cure Cancer:American Researchers Confirmed It

American researchers at the Texas Southern University in Houston have provided evidence that SAABFAT6, a Nigerian-C2-herbal drug may prevent the growth of cancer cells, Leadership reports.
The researchers, Syntia Ekwende and Momoh Yakubu said E2-80-9CSAABFAT6 shows that cancer can succumb to the power of researched drug combinations from the herbal centre.

Cancel The Debts Of All Ebola-Affected African Countries - WA Nations


The president of Sierra Leone, Ernest Bai Koroma, is asking their international donors to cancel the debts of all Ebola-affected African countries and give them about $6 billion in over 2 years to rebuild their economy which has critically been affected by the deadly Ebola disease.  

I Know My Limitations And Boundaries As The Wife Of The President - Aisha Buhari

Hajia Aishatu Buhari is the wife of Nigeria’s president-elect, in this recent interview with Tribune, she said that she will never cross her boundaries as the wife of the president.
See excerpt of the interview::
Judging by all the bashes that the current first lady gets from different quarters, are you in anyway scared of taking this position?

No, I am not scared because I know my limitations and boundaries. Once you attempt to go beyond where you should be, you can receive all sorts of things.

#OndoX Disease Is Not Ebola,Test Negative To 5 Other Virus Diseases

The results of the strange illness tagged as #OndoX have arrived, and it is not Ebola virus. The samples also tested negative to five other deadly diseases, namely,  Yellow Fever, Lassa Fever Virus, Rift Valley Fever Virus, Dengue Virus, West Nile Virus.
The disease comes with neurological clinical symptoms which includes blindness, and loss of consciousness. Those affected die within 24 hours. However, three survivors have so far been registered.

Reflections:Overcoming Problems


Some say life is a struggle. If it is, every problem we face leads us to one of two choices. Either we choose to be victorious, or we choose to be a victim. Either we choose to be responsible for the life we create, or we shirk our responsibility by blaming others for our failures and unhappiness.

Friday, 17 April 2015

Are You Traveling With Your Kids By Air?See The Best Healthy Way To Go About It


Flying with children doesn’t have to be chaotic.
Between toddler tantrums, disrupted sleep schedules, and crying babies, traveling with children can be a challenge. So we’ve asked flight attendants for their best tips on making the journey easier, even enjoyable.
Book the first flight of the day
While it may seem tempting to book an evening flight to coincide with your baby’s sleep schedule, St. Louis, MO. based flight attendant Sally Lou tells Yahoo Parenting that the first flight of the day is the least likely to be delayed, which means less time waiting at the airport with a little one. “Plus, the crew is in a better mood early in the morning,” she adds. 

Photo:She suffered brain injury after a crash and wakes up a 'maths,artistic genius'


The unnamed woman was diagnosed with 'savant syndrome' following the crash - an extremely rare condition which leaves people with amazing musical, artistic or mathematical abilities.The skier developed incredible mental abilities after suffering a brain injury during massive crash on the slopes.There are only around 50 reported cases worldwide.

Bring Back WAI - Ex-Health Minister

A Former minister of health, Dr. Emmanuel Nsan, has called on the President-elect, Gen. Mohammadu Buhari (rtd), to reactivate the War Against Indiscipline (WAI) policy of his former administration.

Pesticides can lead to severe poisoning

A research fellow at the Victorian Department of Health and Pesticides, London, Dr Cletus Agbatu, has cautioned the general public against the persistent use of pesticides to reduce the negative effects on health.

So,FMC Umuahia Is The Cleanest Federal Hospital In Nigeria


The Federal Medical Center Umuahia is the cleanest Federal Hospital in Nigeria, so says the Minister of Health, Fidelis Nwankwo, The Minister, who was on an official visit to the health institution said that, he was happy with the outstanding level of cleanliness at the FMC Umuahia, having gone round all the federal hospitals in the country. 

Thursday, 16 April 2015

About The Killer Disease In Ondo State

Residents of Irele township in Ondo state have been hit by a deadly diseases. According to reports, the victims wake up blind, with a terrible headache and die within a few hours. At least 15 people who contracted the disease are feared dead.

Ondo state Commissioner for Health, Dr. Dayo Adeyanju, said the disease was discovered yesterday but didn't say how the victims contracted the disease or how it can be passed on to others. Hopefully, the Minister of Health will tell us what's happening.

Overhaul The Health Sector And Halt The Public Private Partnership - MLSN President

The Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists of Nigeria (AMLSN) has challenged the incoming administration of Gen. Muhammadu Buhari to overhaul the health sector and halt the Public Private Partnership (PPP).

Developing The Health Sector,Anambra Govt, Group Sign MoU

Activities marking this year’s medical mission being embarked upon on an annual basis, by a team of health professionals from Realizing Inter-Disciplinary System of Excellence, RISE Health Corporation, RHC, a non-governmental organization, NGO based in the United States of America, USA, kicked off penultimate Tuesday with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding, MoU, between the corporation and the Anambra State government.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Wow!You Need To Have These 10 Items In Your First Aid Box At Home


Everyday health complaints are common, from athlete's foot, dandruff, lip conditions, dry skin and headache, But with a little at-home remedies, you can sort yourself out before seeing the doctor. Note also that, Your mediciene cabinets should always be clean and you should try and restock it once every three months. Toss out old supplies and anything that's damaged (damaged container, unreadable or missing labels, broken or discolored pills) and check the expiration dates.
 Here are some stuff you need to have in your first aid box:

Adhesive bandages and Tapes:
Adhesive bandages come in a variety of shapes and colors, from clear to camouflage, an­d there should be a stash in your medicine chest. BUT...
if you have a deep cut or you can't stop that bleeding? Please see a doctor.

Photo:Pharmacist Allegedly Commits Suicide In Lagos...so sad

Pharmacist Paul Olafare pictured above, allegedly committed suicide yesterday April 12th at his home in Lagos. He was found dead by his wife. According to multiple sources, Paul, a father of two, had been under a lot of pressure following a huge unpaid loan he collected from some people to set up his own pharmacy. His dream of setting up his own pharmacy failed leading to huge financial indebtedness. This allegedly led to chronic depression.
Paul was awarded the Lagos State Pharmacist of the Year 2013 and was reported to have been an active member of his church where he mentored the youth group.

Malala Yousafzai's Touching Letter To The Missing Chibok Girls


Nobel Prize recipient Malala Yousafzai, wrote a touching letter to the missing Chibok girls to commemorate their 1 year in captivity.See the letter below:

Monday, 13 April 2015

Ebola Scare In Lagos....

Residents of Lagos and environs have been urged to ignore a rumored re-emergence of the dreaded Ebola Virus Disease, EVD, in Lagos. The rumour, which began trending on the social media late on the night of Friday April 10, 2015, threw a wide section of the populace into wild panic even as some residents began making preparations to leave the city.

According to the report, one of the alleged victims, one Mr. George Lawal, showed major signs of the disease which caused neighbours to raise alarm.
“He was immediately taken to an undisclosed hospital in Lagos where he later died. Doctors confirmed he was struck with the Ebola flu. They are believed to have made major contacts with at least 12 people who are on the large. Please, share the news and report any suspected victim to nearby authorities,” the message stated.

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Appointing A Minister Of Health Should Be Guided By Professionalism Rather Than Politics - MDCAN President

The President, Medical and Dental Consultants Association of Nigeria (MDCAN), Dr Steven Oluwole, in this interview with Vanguard, explains the expectations of his members from the president – elect, General Muhammadu Buhari. See excerpt:



Blessings sometimes show up in unrecognizable disguises, People usually think that, luck has something to do with being blessed , hear this, Luck has nothing to do with it, we are all blessed in our own different ways. Think about the fact that:

Friday, 10 April 2015

Weird Facts:Do You Know That.....


1.  Butterflies taste with their feet. A butterfly’s sense of taste is coordinated by chemoreceptors on their tarsi (lowest part of leg) and works only on contact. It is used to determine whether an egg-laying insect’s offspring will be able to feed on a leaf before eggs are laid on it.

2.  The theory that Yellow Fever was transmitted by mosquitoes was confirmed in 1900 by American physician Jesse William Lazear , in a study conducted at US Army barracks in Cuba. Unfortunately, he rather recklessly conducted part of this study on himself, by allowing infected mosquitoes to bite him. He subsequently contracted the disease, and died.

OMG!!See The Hot Reply Someone Posted On The Post I Did About FRSC Officers!


All these one na story!..... police is far better than FRSC PRwise. Can u imagine that an FRSC officer would stand in the middle of a highway flagging a vehicle to pullover, not even stop, pullover! as if na jazz!!. A police officer can never do that! Instead he would stop u, greet u n ask u to pullover if necessary. But an FRSC officer would never do that! CNB, there's this incident that happened some years back that made me swore never to stop at any FRSC checkpoint or even pullover! I'm a very cautious driver n take good care of any car I drive n make sure It's road worthy at any point in time. That fateful morning I discovered my brake light wasn't working, n I was in my village, I checked the bulbs n all were ok so I guessed it was an electrical fault, so I called my electrician n he asked me to

Photo:Man Wants To Undergo World's First Full Head Transplant Next Year


A man with a fatal medical condition has spoken exclusively to MailOnline about how he is set to become the first person to undergo a head transplant and hopes it could be as soon as next year.

Valery Spiridonov says he is ready to put his trust in controversial surgeon Dr Sergio Canavero who claims he can cut off his head and attach it to a healthy body (read it again here). Mr Spiridonov, 30, a computer scientist from Russia, said: 'My decision is final and I do not plan to change my mind.'As a lifelong sufferer of the rare genetic Werdnig-Hoffman muscle wasting disease, he says he wants the chance of a new body before he dies.

Road Safety:FRSC Applaudes Stakeholders


Achieving safer road environment is a possibility and the commitment shown by the relevant stakeholders in the pursuit of safer road campaigns in the country is a necessity. The Corps Marshal and Chief Executive of the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), Boboye Oyeyemi, has commended road safety stakeholders.
 Oyeyemi gave the commendation in Abuja on Thursday during a technical session organised for stakeholders to take a closer look at the strategies for the implementation of the speed limiters policy in Nigeria.

Thursday, 9 April 2015

CNB Fruity Talk:Do You Know That GINGER Has All These Health Benefits?


Ginger is a wonder spice that has time-tested, digestion-friendly properties, in addition to its numerous other health benefits. Ginger is the underground rhizome of the ginger plant with a firm texture. The flesh of the ginger rhizome can be yellow, white or red in color, depending upon the variety. I love to grate some ginger root and put it in my juice extractor, along with some orange and apples and a little lemon juice..hmmm..Totally yummy!
Here are some amazing health benefits of ginger you may not know about:
1. Haven’t been feeling hungry? Eat fresh ginger just before lunch to stoke a dull appetite and fire up the digestive juices.

Lol.Gov. Amaechi Wore This To A Campaign Rally


This my governor will not kill person..Loool

From Farm To Plate:Physicians Advocate Safety In Food


The Association of Public Health Physician of Nigeria on Wednesday advised Nigerians to take necessary precautions in making food safe for consumption.
Dr Abdulsalam Abdulrasheed, a Public Health Physician of the University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital (UITH), gave the advice when he delivered a lecture in Ilorin.
The lecture entitled: “Food Safety, from Farm to Plate: Make Food Safe”, was delivered at the 2015 World Health Day organised by the association at Kwara Ministry of Health.

NHIS Must Partner With PSN - Akintayo

The Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria (PSN) has called on the incoming government to come up with specific plans to improve the health sector in the country.
In a statement signed by its president, Mr Olumide Akintayo, he urged the incoming government to incorporate a Community-Based Social Health Insurance Programme (CBSHIP) in the universal health coverage.
“A need for universal coverage is acceptable, but the condition precedent is to harness and consolidate the philosophy of a managed care concept that is statute entrenched.
“To achieve quality assurance in our version of social health insurance, it is important to encapsulate a consolidated healthcare funding which requires first line deduction of at least 5 per cent for healthcare delivery to help in funding the subsidy gap.”

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Photo:Nigeria's ever youngest minister,He was a minister at 23!


Matthew Tawo Mbu, from Okundu in Cross River State was appointed Federal Minister for Labour at age 23 in 1953. He remains Nigeria's youngest Minister till date. He was also Minister of Foreign Affairs and former High Commissioner to the UK. He was born in November 1929 and died in February 2012.
See more photo:

The Burden Of Tuberculosis In Nigeria

Tuberculosis, better known by its acronym TB, still constitutes a major health problem in Nigeria. This much was brought to the fore last week at the World TB Day in Abuja. The World Health Organisation (WHO) 10-year strategy (2006-2015) to cut down the burden of TB in the world worked elsewhere as it reportedly saved some 37 million lives while some countries succeeded in halving the prevalence of the disease. But in Nigeria, the reverse is the case.

According to the National TB and Leprosy Control Programme (NTBLCP), over 600,000 new cases of tuberculosis have occurred in Nigeria, the highest in Africa, from a global report conducted in 2014. Indeed, WHO has ranked Nigeria third out of 22 countries with high prevalence of TB in the world.

That Diet Isn't Good For Your Health If....


There are no substitutes for balanced diet, one need to follow the principles of balanced diet throughout life. Note also that, no one food contains all the essential food nutrients, eating food from all the different food group help ensure that all nutrients are met. The advantages of a proven phytochemical can be felt only if a good lifestyle is followed.
That diet isn't good for your health if it is:
Too high in total fat, saturated fat, trans fat and cholesterol.
Too high in sodium

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Today Is World Health Day:See The Food Safety Principles According To WHO


WHO says that World Health Day 2015 is a chance to recognize the food safety role of all those involved in food production and to strengthen collaboration and coordination among these areas in order to prevent, detect and respond to foodborne diseases efficiently.
World Health Day is celebrated each year on April 7 and the team for this year is focused on FOOD SAFETY.
Collette Nature Blog, CNB, advocate for safe food and good hand washing routines because food contaminated with bacteria, salmonella, viruses e.t.c can lead to disability and death.

Fire destroy shops in Umuahia

          The burnt shops
About 27 shops and goods worth several millions of naira were destroyed in a midnight fire at the Oba Street market, off Club road, Umuahia. Abia State. The fire, which was said to have been caused by a power surge, started at about 11.30pm on Wednesday.

Dangers of unsafe water and sanitation, WATERAID launch campaign


In Nigeria, nearly 52,000 newborn babies are believed to have died from sepsis, tetanus and other infections linked to dirty water and lack of hygiene in 2013 alone.
WATERAID has launched its new four-year "Healthy Start" campaign showing the devastating impact that a lack of safe water and sanitation has on the health of children in developing countries. The launch which was part of activities to mark the 2015 World Water Day, shows that annually, nearly half a million babies die in the first month of life because they are born into unhygienic conditions and one in five deaths of newborn babies in the developing world are caused by infections strongly linked to dirty water or unhygienic conditions.

FG Resettle 3788 Flood Victims In Cross River State


Over 3,788 persons in Agwagune community, Biase Local Government Area of Cross River State has been affected by flood and landslide for many years. But not anymore, as the Federal Government, through the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) donated building materials to Cross River State Government to support the reconstruction of residential and public buildings in the community.

Monday, 6 April 2015

Photo:Only 1 source of water for humans and animals?

Taran and Gaukaka-Lasauya communities of Bauchi State has only one source of water for the villagers and animals to drink from. In Taran community, the villagers feels that it’s the only way of staying alive; it didn’t matter if water borne diseases become their constant ailment.

Photo:Breaking world record, mother and daughter give birth for same man,same week!

           Mother and daughter and their babes.
Mildred Mashego, and her daughter Patricia Mashego from South Africa, have entered the record books as the first mother and daughter to give birth to their babies in the same month and for the same man.

Overcoming Depression-2


—The Story of a young woman who battled depression
Beginning in my early teen years‚ I battled depression a lot. In my late teens and early 20s, it just got worse. It seemed that every attack of depression I had was stronger in intensity and lasted longer than the previous one, till my last attack of depression lasted over four weeks. I was never able to pinpoint the exact trigger for my depression, or find any pattern in determining how or why it would come on. It would seem to come on with no warning, and I felt like ten thousand tons of bricks just fell on me and I couldn’t get out from under them no matter what I tried. I would usually try to keep up on my work and struggle through, despite how I was feeling, and tried to ignore it.

About High Maternal Mortality Rate

AGAINST the backdrop of the high number of women who die daily while giving birth, the World Health Organization (WHO) has once again, raised the alarm and called on policy makers to, increase universal access to reproductive health services for women. This is a call that must be heeded immediately by all. That many women still face this predicament afterall destroys whatever progress that may have been made by many countries in maternal health care.

Photo:Congratulations Jennifer and Richard..


And so, my sister's wedding was this past week-end in Asaba and it was wow!
I was very busy with preparations and all, hence the break in transmission..Lol.
The traditional event was held on Thursday 4th April, followed by the bridal shower on the 5th, while the wedding proper was on Saturday 6th April
Thank you to all and sundry that took time off to grace this event, may the Lord stand for you always.
See more splendid photos:

Thursday, 2 April 2015

After The 3 days Sierra Leone Shut-Down, 10 Ebola Cases Found

Remember that 3 days Sierra Leone country-wide-lock-down for Ebola?, 10 new Ebola cases were found. Official says the West African nation is now at the "tail end" of the epidemic.

Girl Born In India With 'Elephant Trunk' Is Worshipped Like A god By Locals


A baby girl born with a facial deformity caused by gene mutation, is being worshiped in India like a god. The infant girl, born last Thursday to Om Prakash and Sarvesh, became the talk of the town and has people visiting her to worship after word spread that she embodied a facial structure reminiscing the trunk of Lord Ganesha.

Activated Reflections..Think About This...

Arthur Ashe, the legendary Wimbledon player, was dying of a blood infection, which he got due to infected blood he received during a heart surgery in 1983. From the world over, he received letters from his fans, one of which conveyed, “Why does God have to select you for such a bad disease?”

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

NMA Faults Phd As Condition To Appoint ESUTH VC

The Nigerian Medical Association has rejected moves by Enugu State government to appoint a vice chancellor on condition of holding a PhD. Enugu State University Teaching Hospital recently put up  an advert stating a PhD as a condition to appoint a new vice chancellor.
But NMA believes an MBBS—the bachelor’s degree doctors get after medical college—is
equivalent to a PhD in both content and curriculum.

Consider These Principles While Planning Your Diets

There are many ways to eat healthy, the best way is to plan meals in relation to other foods per day. It is better to eat small regular meals rather than one huge meal. In Nigeria and in Africa, we have rich nutritious foods, seasonal vegetables and fruits that can help us achieve maximum balance in our daily diets. An ideal diet should provide nutrients of bio-active chemicals that can help prevent and retard disease processes.
 Some of the principles of planning your diets are:
Good quality protein should be distributed in all meals, pressure cooker can be used to conserve the nutrients.

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