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Monday, 9 February 2015

Photo: 'Boiling Water' Floods Street, One Dead And More Injured

A burst pipe caused gallons of hot water to cover the roads in Lund, southern Sweden, on Friday night, Mirror UK reports. Clouds of steam reduced visibility to virtually zero and one man was killed when a bus crashed.
 One man has died and several others have been injured after city streets were flooded by BOILING WATER.
A witness reported seeing the bus veering down the street with sparks flying and a bicycle beneath its wheels.
A further seven people were treated in hospital, according to reports.
The area was cordoned off by police as locals used canoes and wooden pallets to negotiate the treacherous conditions.
"I don't know what I can say. It is totally crazy. There is water everywhere. It's unreal," witness Lina Aspegren told the TT news agency.


Lezua Opara said...

what was used in boiling the water and who where they boiling that large amount of water for?

Collette Nature Blog said...

It's probably a burst from the community central water heater(you know their electricity power is very functional and they use it often considering the cold weather)..just thinking.

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