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Monday, 24 November 2014

Some Things You should Never Ever Say to a woman without a child of her own.

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Whether or not a woman have children is a very personal thing. Unfortunately, it’s also one of those things that everyone seems to feel empowered to comment on especially in Africa!
I am strongly of the opinion that women shouldn’t have to justify their reproductive issues to anyone. Really, everyone else should simply stop commenting on them.

Here are some not-cool things people say to childless women:
 1. “Now that I have children, my life has true meaning!”
2. “You think you’re tired? You don’t know what tired is.”
3. “You’re being selfish.”
4. “You’ll change your mind when you meet the right man.”
5. “What are you waiting for?”
6. “Your mom had you!”
7. “You’re missing out on one of the best things in life.”
8. “Tick tock.”
9. “It’s a mom thing.”
10. “That’s a shame. You might regret it.”
11. “What’s wrong with you?”
12. “The size of that house and just the two of you? It’s a waste of space.”
13. “But you would be such a great mom!”
14. “Just find a donor and have kids. I’ll babysit.”
15. “You think you don’t want children, but once you have them you’ll change your mind.”
16. “Don’t wait too long.”
17. “You’d better hurry up and give your husband a child before he finds someone who will.”
18. “You don’t have children, so you won’t understand.”(this is the worse of them all)


Anonymous said...

CNB help me tell them. Some people don't just know how to talk

Anonymous said...

very taughtfull of you to share this collette.welldone.

Obat Asma said...

Thank' for sharing

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