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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

 Noise Is Hazardous To Health

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 Today is ''NO HORN DAY'' in Lagos state

The Lagos Horn free day is an initiative against noise pollution, intolerance, lack of respect, indiscipline and other negative attitudes-Hon. Kayode Opeifa, Lagos commissioner for Transport.

NAN reports that the Lagos State Government had declared Oct. 15 to mark the day.
It is a day that motorists in the state would be discouraged from honking their car horns or siren while driving.
Dr Gbenga Olosa, a Public Health Specialist, said: “Broadly speaking, noise pollution occurs when there is excessive noise or unpleasant sound in an environment, thereby causing temporary disruption in the natural balance.
Dr Ndubuisi Onwuka, Otolaryngologist (ENT specialist), noted that Noise Pollution had some health effects.
“Apart from damaging the eardrums and hearing problems, noise pollution can lead to headaches, aggressive behaviours, sleep disorders, emotional instability, communication gaps and fatigue.
“It can also give rise to tension, anxiety, hypertension, cardiovascular and stress related heart problems to mention but a few.
“Excessive noise has effects on reproduction. It also affects developmental, reading and understanding abilities in children,’’ he said.
NAN reports that the objectives of “A Day without Horn in Lagos’’ is geared towards “Safer Roads, Safer Drivers and Safer Community’’.
Some of the objectives are to reduce noise pollution on our roads, cultivate respect for other road users, maintain and encourage road discipline and to encourage positive road use attitude.

 I wish all other states will emulate Lagos State, the rate of Noise pollution in Nigeria is just too much, ranging from noisy blast of music from speakers, car horns, conductors and drivers shouting....Haba!!! By the time you get home after work, your brain will be spinning.
God will help us



1 comment:

Chikezie Kanu said...

Hmmmm! a day in the largest city in Africa without a honk of a single horn? that's very odd! that's such a fake life for a city like Lagos! but come to think of it, that's a good step! well-done Lagos state government. Hope other state would emulate this!

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