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Friday, 17 October 2014

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 Wife kills husband with hot water in Bauchi

  An 18 years old housewife in Bauchi State has been arraigned at the Chief Magistrate Court 7, Bauchi, for allegedly killing her husband with hot water.
Aisha Jibrin allegedly killed her husband Mohammad Auwal Ladan following an altercation which resulted in the husband reportedly beating his wife.
Aisha was said to have lost one of her front teeth from beatings received from her husband who accused her of committing abortion without his consent.
It was not ascertain at the time of filing this report whether the bone of contention was over the issue of the paternity of the aborted baby or the abortion itself that aggravated the crisis.
The estranged wife was reportedly also pissed off by her husband’s complaint over her habitual watching of home videos thereby neglecting her prayers.
Aisha was so provoke with their marital squabbles and could not withstand it any longer that she decided to take matters into her hands.
She was said to have poured hot water on the unsuspecting Mohammad Auwal Ladan who was taking his bath, landing him in hospital and subsequently his early grave.
The unfortunate incident happened on Wednesday October 8, at the couple’s residence in Jahun ward in Bauchi Metropolis, at about five in the evening.
According to a close family friend who pleaded anonymity, problem started for the newly wedded Aisha when news reached the abortion reached her husband.
“He was so very  livid that he pounced on her. Auwal a civil servant hit his wife with his hand up to the extent that she sustained serious injury on her mouth and eventually broke one of her front teeth,” the
family friend said.
Daily Sun learnt that the battered and frustrated wife’s sentiments reached boiling point when after the issue had been settled confronted when she was watching film at home.
“On that fateful day when Auwal came back from work he met Aisha watching home video. He asked her if she had said her prayers and she said no. He asked her why and she said nothing was the reason.
“He went into their bedroom and after a while, he came back and met her still watching the film. He stopped the DVD player, brought out the CD plate and broke it in her presence,” the close family friend said.
Auwal then went to have his bath not knowing that the infuriated Aisha who felt scorned was plotting revenge.
“She just opened the bathroom door as he was taking his bath andpoured the hot water on him and ran away.
“The husband shouted and writhed in pain, and was later rushed to the
hospital. Four days later he was brought back home where he died,” he


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Too much nollywood home video seeing put in practice!..... small pikin sense!. she's nw a widow at 18. Wt a world!

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