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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Is she too Fat to be a Health Minister??

 A 20-stone politician put in charge of public health has come under fire for being too FAT for the job.
Among her duties as Belgium's new Minister of Public Health, Maggie De Block is tasked with tackling obesity.
And that, say image-obsessed critics, is a joke.
The 52-year-old politician is hugely popular in Belgium, and was once tipped as a future premier.
But she was considered a surprise choice for the job as Health Minister in the new centre-right coalition which has just taken office.

But tough Maggie - who practised medicine as a GP for 25 years and knows more about medicine and health issues than anybody else in the cabinet - is used to taking body blows from the snipers.

"I know I'm not a model but you have to see what's inside, not the packaging," she said.
Maggie's appointment is even making waves in the UK, sparking a mixed response on social media.
Others have blasted the body-bullying fatist fury. Twitterer Greet Jans fumed: "Judge when she does a bad job, no?"
culled from daily mirrow.
Wow...yes, judge her when she does a bad job...But like seriously..lip sealed.


Chikezie Kanu said...

If she's healthy, then her size isn't a problem!

Lezua Opara said...

how can she b healthy like this

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