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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Awesome Testimony

Dear CNB,
Thank you for this opportunity to tell everyone what God has done for me.
I used to have this severe pain on my umbilical region.it started about one year and six months earlier, then after I take some pain-relieve drugs, the pain will go for some time.
As the pain continued, it became very difficult for me to stand straight, I had to visit my clinic and was further referred to see the surgeon.
they latter booked me for a hernia surgery which was what the surgeon confirmed.
At this point, i was so scared and started praying and fasting for God to heal me.
my faith was so strong and i believed that I was healed.
A week before the surgery, i noticed that I was no more feeling pain on my belle button and that the swelling was no more, out of curiosity, I went back to the clinic, after the doctors examined me, they referred me to see the same surgeon and I had to go through many other scans.
To the Glory of God Almighty, I was certified fit and the surgeon said that there was no need for any surgery.
The surgeon told me ''madam, your God healed you, go home and rest''

WOW !!
God is Awesome
keep believing Him for your own miracle, He will do it in His set time

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